Student Teaching Experience

I completed my first student teaching experience at Three Chopt Elementary School and Pemberton Elementary School in Henrico, VA. I had a great time working with the students and staff at both schools. Some of the projects I completed were Kandinsky trees with kindergarten students, colonial silverware with fourth grade students, olympic gold medals with fifth grade students and Chihuly Macchia bowls with first grade students.

My second placement was completed at Pocahontas Middle School. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Sixth graders explored the art of printmaking by researching famous architects and designing their own building that represents their interests and personality. Students collaborated and created cityscapes using their own building as their as their peer’s buildings.

Computer Art students researched a traditional artist and using the information found created cereal boxes. Students really “thought outside the box” for this project. For example, did you know that Salvador Dali had many fears like being terrified of grasshoppers? Students incorporated this interesting information in creative ways like placing a small grasshopper on Dali’s shoulder.


Art 1 students got their hands dirty working with clay. Students created coil pots that served a functional and aesthetic purpose. Pots were stylized and details like braids, textures and spirals made each unique. I also had the opportunity to prepare and participate in the eight grade art show. Over three works of art was hung in one week for students and their families to see. It was a great experience meeting with community members and parents.



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